Chambal Riverfront (Opening soon)

Kota, a city located in Rajasthan, India, offers a host of exciting tourist attractions, and one notable project that promises to enhance the city's appeal is the Chambal Riverfront Project. This ambitious infrastructure development initiative has a budget of Rs. 800 crore (approximately US$100 million) and is expected to be completed in July 2023.

The Chambal Riverfront Project brings numerous benefits to Kota. Firstly, it aims to increase tourism by attracting visitors from all over India and the world. With improved aesthetics along the Chambal river and its surroundings, the project will create a more visually appealing environment for tourists to explore. Additionally, the initiative is set to generate new employment opportunities, benefiting the local population. Furthermore, the project will enhance Kota's infrastructure by improving roads, bridges, and public spaces.

Covering an expansive area of approximately 1000 acres, the Chambal Riverfront Project encompasses various exciting features. A promenade, park, water park, food court, and marina are among the amenities planned for visitors' enjoyment. Designed by a team of skilled architects and engineers, the project receives funding from both the Government of Rajasthan and the private sector.

One of the main highlights of this project will be the splendid ghats that are set to captivate visitors. Spanning a stretch of 3 kilometers on both banks of the Chambal River, a total of 22 newly constructed ghats will be a major attraction. These beautifully designed ghats will provide visitors with an immersive experience, offering picturesque views and a serene ambiance along the riverfront. Whether it's a leisurely stroll, a moment of reflection, or simply taking in the scenic beauty, the ghats are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Here are some of the things that tourists can expect to see and do at the Chambal Riverfront:

  1. Take a walk or bike ride along the riverfront.
  2. Visit the ghats and watch the boats go by.
  3. Visit the café, handicraft bazaar, or art galleries.
  4. See the giant Chambal goddess statue, the world's largest bell, or the tall Buddhist 3D statue.
  5. Attend a laser show or a performance at the amphitheatre.
  6. Relax in the sculpture park or the wi-fi riverfront.